Here are some frequently asked questions about Osisi & Co. products. If you can't find your question here, please feel free to email Victoria at hello@osisiandco.com
How come my bib looks slightly different from the one shown on the website?

Due to the vibrant pattern of each Ankara fabric, no two items will be exactly alike. This is due to pattern placement when creating your piece. The item you receive may have the pattern in a different position to the one pictured. These are truly one of a kind. 

How do I take care of my pieces?
For all fabric items, hand or machine wash in cold water. Make sure the bibs are unsnapped to relieve tension on the fabric around the snaps - this will make them last longer. Tumble dry on low heat or hang to dry. If you wish to iron the fabric, make sure there is a barrier between the Ankara fabric and the low-medium heat iron, such as a towel. All of our items come with care instructions on the labels but you can also find them here and on the product page.

Safety Information

 Bibs are created and secured with adjustable, plastic button snaps. Test on your child for comfort at each use. Discontinue use when the child grows out of it and the bib gets too small or tight around the child's neck. Never leave a child unattended with the bib still on. Never allow the child to fall asleep or place the child down to sleep while still wearing a bib. 

Are your bibs waterproof?
No, we make bibs that are best used as an absorbent protectant for bottle or breastfeeding, for a drooling teething baby, and to add style to your little one's outfit. We do not recommend for table feeding.

How often do you ship?

Shipping days are guaranteed to go out every Saturday. We will still ship during the week but the official day is once a week on Saturday. Made to order items still adhere to the 3-5 day process. Once the order is complete, it will be shipped out on the next business day. Example: If you order a bib on Tuesday, it will be made to order and completed by Friday (3 days). Then, your order gets shipped out on Saturday.