Do you ever wonder what gifts to buy your niece or nephew?
Or you're confused as to what to buy for a baby shower for that coworker's mom who has it all?
Or maybe you're invited to a one-year-old's grand birthday party but hardly know the birthday boy? And don't you just love ankara?
If you're having trouble looking for the perfect gift for a tiny loved one, you're at the right place.
Osisi & Co. provides luxuriously handmade African print baby bibs that come in sorts of colors and two basic shapes: The original bib and the bandanna bib.
A bib that reminds you of home. Knowing that our culture is resting snuggly around your baby's chest will make your heart burst with pride.
We believe that the best feeling you can have is seeing your loved ones happy and smiling!
And that's what we can do for you.
At Osisi & Co. we try our hardest to make sure you and your baby leave smiling with warm feelings inside, like when you are eating a big bowl of okra soup. We promise that when you receive your luxury bib in person, your heart will be glowing!

About Victoria

Victoria Carlos and her husband
I, Victoria Carlos, started creating Ankara baby bibs, when my husband, Pedro Carlos, expressed a desire for our one-year-old son to wear African clothes to church. I love my custom-made Ankara garments, but being the budget babe I am could not justify paying a heavy price for an outfit he would only wear once or twice and eventually grow out of. I wanted our son, Noah, to showcase his African pride, in a practical way that would last him years. So, I created bibs with timeless Ankara print patterns using an anti-pill fleece so that the garment would be sturdy after many washes and could grow with a child from infant to toddlerhood.
These bibs are made specifically with the African Diaspora in mind. You see, my husband is West African and I am American. After taking multiple ancestry DNA tests, I fell in love with my heritage and grasped at every opportunity to showcase my African Pride. If you are interested in reading more about my ancestry research, click here.
Osisi, means "tree" in the Igbo (a tribe found in Nigeria) language. That is who this product is for Africans and friends of Africa who want their precious loved ones to showcase their African pride on their chest!
Take comfort in knowing that when you purchase a bib from me, you are purchasing a garment that has been handmade with love, and that you are supporting a women-owned and black-owned small business.